Cloudwater brew company


Call for 2016 Artists

We have felt deeply privileged throughout this year to present fantastic artwork and to watch it go on to catch attention, impress, and delight on bars and shelves across the country.  As rich and varied as bottle designs and labels can be when centred around a theme, to present changing artwork alongside changing beer ranges has been a pleasure.

From Textbook Studio's colour rich marbling, to Hali Santamas' time and place specific layered photographs, our spring and summer ranges were bright and colourful.  Dr Me's collages presented our autumn range through epic landscapes and city scenes with clouds replacing water, and water reflecting clouds, before Anna Beam's abstract, textured, and playful compositions delighted and surprised our customers once more this winter.

As we near the end of 2015 I'd like to put a call out to artists, designers, creatives, and makers to work with us in 2016.  Your art form could be image based already (whether digital or analogue), or could be with materials new or old.  Your art form doesn't even have to be visual.  As long as we end up with a compelling series of 15 or so images that both relate to one another and form an impressive body of work I am open to excellent ideas.

Successful applicants can expect their work to be seen far and wide (as we start export proper early next year), as well as mutually beneficial usage/ownership rights, and opportunities to extend income through merchandise lines.

Please get in touch by emailing with the subject 'Artist for 2016' and include examples of past work, links, and a bio.


An example of Textbook's marbling that was used in our spring range.

One of Hali Santamas's multi layered summer pieces.

Clouds as water in one of Dr Me's autumn range pieces.