IMBC 2014

This weekend sees the return of the one of the UK's finest beer festivals Indy Man Beer Con (IMBC or Independant Manchester Beer Convention if you so prefer), at which you will be able to sample some of the best beers by some of the Britain's most respected breweries, as well as a selection from illustrious visitors such as Evil Twin and To Øl from Denmark, and Against The Grain from the States.

If you've not got a ticket yet there are still some available from the IMBC's website, and the occasional spare pops up on the IMBC's twitter account.

We can't wait to attend, enjoy the atmosphere, and sip some excellent beer!

Here’s my must try list for each session that I’m going to.  Once I’ve made my way though these the plan is to let the mood take me and have an absolutely wonderful time.

Friday Day:
Kernel – Biere de Table Green Hopped Saison
Against The Grain – Citra Ass Down
Wiper And True – Gose
Westbrook – IPA
Magic Rock – Bearded Lady PX BA

Friday Night:
Edge – Flor de la Vida
Summer Wine – Road Trip
Against The Grain – Galangal Action
Stillwater – Of Love & Regret
Beavertown/Prairie/Caravan – Spresso

Quantum – Brett C Pale (Aged & Fresh)
Beavertown – V1 Allium
Summer Wine – Twiggy English IPA
Buxton/Omnipollo – Sour Cherry Stout
Hanging Bat – Sorachi Ace IPA

I’m very excited about the third year of IMBC, it’s a festival that has gone from strength to strength and completely broke the mould. I have very fond memories of working with all the team.  I’m only attending the Friday day session which is a shame but there is more than enough beer to keep even the “geekiest" of beer geeks happy, mentioning no names (Al Wall).

Heres my list of must try beers:
Summer Wine – Twiggy
Beavertown – The Earl Phantom
Kernel – Table Biere Green Hop
Hawkshead – “dry hopped” Lager
Wild Beer – Zintuki

This IMBC, I mainly plan to be consuming:

Edge – Flo de la Vida.
Everything I can get my hands on from Burning Sky.
Both Atom beers as I've missed out on them when they've been available.
Thornbridge – Bayern
More Thornbridge Bayern
Ashover – Blackcurrant Sour

As I unwittingly elected to be serving during the trade session, I mainly expect to be mocked by other brewers that I know.

I’m attending Indy Man on Friday Day, after which, in the evening session I’m part of a panel talking about Home Brewing.  The other panel members are bringing a delicious mix of different styles – Andy Parker’s Imperial Pumpkin Stout sounds right up my street, and Emma Victory and Chris Taylorare bringing a White IPA. 

Beavertown & Kona – The Gose Strikes Back, a 4.8% blackberry gose that intrigues me in such a crafty way. Gose, and fruit, sounds good to me. I especially like the Star Trek reference, I’m a big fan of Summer Glau.
Magic Rock, mentions for the Pedro Ximinez BA bearded lady, what’s not to like about a good barrel aged imperial stout?  It’s one of the only ways I like stouts.
Tiny Rebel Boubon – (check the beer list, this is how it’s written) BA Dirty Stop Out, another stout that’s been barrel aged. Mmmmmm, give that dark beer some barrelly flavour.
Wiper and True – Gose at 5.7%, this is right slap bang in the middle of the sessionable area of beers, so I shall be excited to see what this tastes like. Sharp, not sharpe. No Sean Bean in my glass.
Burning Sky Anniversaire. It’s not so well known, but I have a bit of a crush on Mark Tranter, so I want to celebrate the anniversary of his new brewery in the best possible way, probably without trousers.

Friday’s finishing beer is a black and tan of the Cannonball and the Pedro Ximinez BA bearded lady (obviously), unless the Unhuman cannonball makes an appearance!!!!

An honourable mention goes to Atom brewery’s Schrodinger’s cat best bitter – this beer exists in its present untested and unchecked state, as the best beer of the festival, and also the worst. It will remain in such a state of being until such time as it is actually observed under test conditions. I’m not sure I want to be the person to perform the tests and see if it’s dead or alive!

See you there!


Paul Jones