The Barrel Store Begins

In the weeks that have passed since the start of 2015 we have seen our warehouse transform from a shell like foundation, with most of our utilities in place, and our lovely floor laid in waiting, to what very much is a space undergoing its final push before we can commission our kit and get brewing.

We’ve seen our brewhouse delivered and installed in place, our steam boiler and chiller arrive on site, our cold stores erected, and the pipe works commence to deliver steam to our hot vessels and glycol to our cold vessels.  It’s wonderful to have seen all of this work come together, and to have enjoyed first hand the workmanship on display from industry professionals widely regarded in their respective trades and in the food industry at large.  I’ll save my full thoughts and reflections on the joys of working with consummate professionals for another post, as there’s a lot I’d like to say, and many thanks I’d like to give.

As a result of taking on a second unit, an archway very nearby that is to become a barrel store and ferment bar, we have also been planning its design and function, and talking to some very wonderful people about how to dress the space.  I hope to have an opening date for you as soon as possible.  With so much going on at the brewery, and with its business very much yet to start, it was always our plan to look out for someone to head up the ferment bar (devoted to the breadth of fermentation, from sour to barrel aged beers, ciders, natural wines, coffee, and fermented small plates) that shared our vision and ambition.  It gives me great pleasure to introduce the fifth member of our small team, a lovely woman who has a mightily impressive list of achievements inside the industry, and that will bring so much to our team.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to hand you over to Emma Cole to introduce herself.

"It is an absolute privilege to be invited to join this team. Each individual in Cloudwater has been so welcoming to me since moving to Manchester from London last year as area Manager for BrewDog. It was great to have a helping hand to immerse myself in the local beer scene.  Talking to anyone in the team it is impossible to not feel the excitement born out of the depth of industry experience held between them, the quality of equipment used, the attention to detail and high standards of workmanship that they command. It is wonderful to me part of this from the beginning and work with a team who want to get it right from day one.

The barrel store and ferment bar offers the chance to bring something truly exciting and different to the Manchester food and drink scene.  Having been an avid Brettanomyces addict for many a year now this project makes immensely happy! I am hoping to bring my experience and passion for this project to help make it a destination worth seeking out and set the bar for service in Manchester."

Thanks once again for your time, your interest, encouragement, and sharing your thoughts of joy and excitement with us.  Until the next post you can keep up to date on a far more regular basis through our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and through Facebook, if the algorithm says so.  Also, Emma and I will be tweeting from the Barrel Store twitter account, and posting photos to a new Instagram account too, as and when there are exciting set up developments to share down there.


Paul Jones