Spring Brewery Tap In Bloom

A wonderful thing has happened over the past two weekends – our brewery tap sessions have been so well received that folk want to chill out for longer in our brewery.  An hour and a half just isn't enough.  We're so very happy about that.  When we thought about how long folk might want to hang out for, we underestimated just how relaxed and comfortable of an environment we'd create, and how well that'd go down with all manner of people.

Rather than press on until Summer (June-August) and change things up then, we've switched things around for May.  From the 9th of May onwards, we'll be running just two sessions: 11am-1:30pm, and 1:30pm-4pm.  That means we'll tighten up a bit with the changeover so that we can get our space prepped as well for the second session as it was for the first, but that you'll have a lot longer to relax, enjoy a tour, the music, line up of beers, bread and olives, and more!

You'll find yourself relaxing and hanging out with friends and loved ones instead of queuing for drinks, the toilet, or to ask any of our team a question, and will enjoy tours and table service by the very people that make the beer you drink.  There's nothing else quite like it in the UK – we're upping the game. We're working really hard to get our brewery tap right for as many people as possible, and can't wait to pour you a drink and show you around, and serve you as well as we possibly can.

Paul Jones