Special Deliveries

In the months leading up to launching our brewery we couldn't imagine taking care of local and regional deliveries ourselves.  Setting up a new 24hl plant, with a small team of four, and then five, and getting a new business off the ground when only the head brewer and co-founder drive just didn't seem particularly doable.  So we focused on getting our beer out to people that could take pallet loads of beer.  It was a sensible choice to make at the time, but one that meant our presence in Manchester and the regions nearby isn't anywhere near where it could be.

Then the calls, tweets, and emails started coming in from local and regional customers that were keen to get hold of our beer.  This was great news, except we were still so completely run off our feet getting going that neither James nor I could get on the road ourselves.  We found a man with a van that was keen to help out, and set about offering an infrequent service to a small number of customers, but we'd like to do even better and a lot more than that.

So today we're starting our hunt for a van that will help us fill in all of the gaps we have in the region (from Birmingham to Blyth, Bangor to Boston), and help us plot out regular deliveries to some of those bars, pubs, and bottle shops we just can't get to often enough, or at all.  Of course, running a modern brewery means that we think about the thirstiest cities, and leading beer scenes in the UK, but we also think a lot about all those neighbourhood and independent shops near you that work hard to create a local scene from the ground up.  Everyone making a solid contribution to this great and developing beer scene is important, whether they're in London or Leicester.  

Over the coming month you'll see us enhance and expand our local options with an ever more special delivery service led by our newest recruit Lucy Clarke.  She's coming to us in a few weeks with an enormous amount of retail and cellar experience, and will be able to help you not only get our beer more frequently, on time, and in perfect condition, and will also be able to help you solve any retail, dispense, or cellar problems that you might be facing.

Paul Jones