When Autumn Winds Blow, Not One Leaf Remains The Same

I believe I’ve said this before, but one of the greatest pleasures so far in Cloudwater’s short time in business has been working with such a diverse, talented, and passionate team to bring this project into being.  However, even with our collective experiences, accurate predictions of what we’d physically and mentally need to do to start both a company and a brewery weren’t always easy to come by.  Thankfully, as people who work in even smaller companies know only too well, we quickly found the flexibility within our team to have our production levels met, and to shape and develop our business week by week.

In the past few months the workload has been intense.  Five intelligent people have at times been reduced to near incoherence by tiredness as we worked hard, and made over 100,000 litres of great beer.  Initially we figured we’d smooth out some of our processes first and then hire more staff, but after some weeks it became clear that instead of plateauing, our production levels were only growing, creating a painfully slow evolution.
Finally, with the time to come up for a little air, and step off the floor myself, numbers were crunched, more accurate data collected, and clearer forecasts made, enabling us to hire three new members of staff!  We’re extremely happy to have Mark join us in looking after the cellar tanks and packaging, Richard as a brewer, and Lucy to deliver our beer and assist in the brewhouse (of course, this is a gross oversimplification of their roles).  All three are extremely bright, driven, and already a complete pleasure to work with.

But it’s with a heavy dose of sadness that we’re saying goodbye to one of the most charming, positive, cheerful, and passionate people I’ve met, let alone worked with at the end of the Summer.  Having a good friend with high ambitions and effortless customer service cooped up in our warehouse taking care of packaging and stock has never felt like the most right thing.  But small, new companies don’t often let everyone find their strongest positions, where they can play to their greatest strengths, in such formative times.  Thankfully, I’m happy to say that Will is leaving us for a role I know he will utterly excel in.  I can’t thank him enough for going above and beyond over these past twelve months, and I can’t imagine getting off to this good a start without all his contribution.

I’ll hand you over to Will himself at this point.

“ Joining Cloudwater was an easy “YES!” 

Bringing together the prowess of James’s beer making skills, the drive and vision of my good friend Paul, and my ultimate respect for Al’s opinions about the industry, it was like a dream come true. Many an afternoon was spent around Paul’s dining room table planning what would become probably the most spoken about brewery in the last five years was such a good experience. I’m not sure if we knew initially how successful it was going to be but we tried our best to make it happen. 

I feel very privileged to have been part of Cloudwater’s conception and I look forward to seeing the company grow knowing my contribution helped it along the way, and if anything I got them to brew a “Pennine Light” #gags

Already I hear Cloudwater being mentioned in the same sentence as the best UK breweries, this I’m sure will continue. 

For me beer has always been about connecting people with a commodity they deserve as a consumer, turning people onto the new exciting world of dare I say it “Craft Beer” and seeing how this can genuinely make people happy. The Industry has come so far even from the first opening day of PSBH when people said we were mad charging £6.00 a pint and walked out, to being able to buy Punk IPA from the Sainsbury’s Metro at a train station. It’s an amazing thing!

My new role will help me further connect more people with great beer from some of the worlds most respected breweries, hopefully still contributing to the growth of this “revolution” in the UK & beyond. 

Thank you Cloudwater."

Will won’t need my good luck wishes, but he’s getting them anyhow.  Best of luck man, you’re going to do a great job, and you’re going to be sorely missed!  

On Monday we’re being joined full time by Brett, who’ll take care of our logistic and packaging needs, as well as another brett not long after, but that’s a story for another time.


Paul Jones