Welcome To MCR

Hey there!  Welcome to Manchester!

Whether you've just moved here, or are returning after a summer break, we hope you settle right in, and have a fantastic time in this wonderful city.

You'll find some of the best music venues in the country, from the often refined RNCM, jazz and soul focused Band on the Wall, through to the next big two piece band at Night and Day, and excellent cutting edge artists on stage at Islington Mill.  Some of Manchester's clubs put on some of the best parties you'll never remember too.

If art is your thing, don't miss Home's program of exhibitions, or Islington Mill's gallery spaces, The Whitworth's exhibitions and events, or Rogue Studio's open days.  Manchester's art scene encompasses everything from the most grass roots performance art through to the most polished exhibitions, and a lot of it is free too!

Our focus here at Cloudwater is on delicious food and drink.  We've put together a map of some of our favourite places to eat, drink, and get merry in the city centre.

Lastly, to help you settle in with your new roomies, we're running a promo deal on the last bottle cases of our Summer range (for those of you with student IDs).  
1 case - 10% off
2 cases - 15% off
3 cases - 20% off
4 cases - 25% off
5 cases - 30% off

Cases of 24 x 330ml bottles are priced as follows:
Grisette, 3.8%, £30.50
Session IPA, 4.5%, £35
APA, 5%, £38
US Hopfen Weisse, 6.8%, £41
IPA, 6.8%, £44

We're at the brewery between 8am-5pm during the week, and 11am-4pm on Saturdays for case pick ups.  If you'd like to call us on 01616615943 we can get your order ready for when you arrive.  Card payments are preferable to cash, but we can make cash work if you prefer.  For orders of 4 or more cases to the same address we might even be able to deliver to your door (provided you're living within the M60, happy to pay before we ship your order, and that you're available between 10am-5pm to take delivery on a day our van is out and about in Manchester).

If you've never set foot in a brewery, or even if you have and fancy seeing how we do things here, we run a tour every Saturday at 11am-12:15pm, and open our brewery tap each Saturday between 12:30pm-4pm.  Use promo code STU1516 and bring your student ID with you on the day to get 10% off on Eventbrite.

Paul Jones