With the UK’s premier beer festival only a few days away I thought we’d share our tap list with you to whet your appetite.

Last year we scraped together every single beer we could from our then early stage wood program, and cellar tanks.  Despite all our fears (we’re incredibly harsh critics of our own beer, and were deeply worried we didn’t have the selection to stand up to other breweries) we seemed to go down well, and make a good debut at IMBC15.

This year, with the benefit of feeling nicely settled in, we’re bringing the best of what we’ve produced in wood, stainless steel, with a good mix of both super fresh and nicely aged beers.

As we’re producing so much wort this week (with Jester King on Wednesday, Against The Grain on Thursday, and To Øl on Friday) we’ve enlisted the help of some great volunteers to help us run our bar at IMBC, but there’ll always be a member of our team on the bar too to handle any questions you have about the beer.  Both Emma and myself are expecting to be at IMBC the whole time, so please do say hello if you see us, and ask any questions at all you have about what we’re doing, and why.  

Before we get to the beer list, we’ve got an announcement to make.  We’ve managed to get Michael and Simon from La Brasserie du Mont Salève over (who we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and hanging out with at TEBF earlier this year), with some of their most excellent beers too.  They’ll be on our bar as much as they can over the weekend.  We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ll be brewing with Brasserie du Mont Salève on Monday following IMBC too.  

Visiting Our Brewery During IMBC16

As we’ve got such a busy schedule at IMBC already I’m very sad to say that we’re not able to run our usual brewery tap session on Saturday – we simply don’t have enough folk to staff it.  But we are able to run tours so please sign up below!

If you’re an IMBC attendee please book in via Eventbrite, and if you’re a visiting brewer or existing retail customer please complete the form linked below.

Thursday 12pm-4pm – Drop in for IMBC Brewers and existing retail customers only
Friday 10am-11am – IMBC attendees
Saturday 10am-11am – IMBC attendees
Sunday 11am-12pm – IMBC attendees

Paul Jones