Following on from an unbelievable reception and many, many kind words about our first DIPA we just had to brew another, and what better occasion than for our 1st birthday coming up this Sunday the 14th of February.

It’s nearly impossible to think that we’ve only been making beer for a year, and that in that time we’ve brewed over 3750 hectolitres of beer over 70 recipes, across four seasonal ranges.  No wonder this year has absolutely flown by!

We love to feature ingredients when they’re at their best, so DIPA v2 put to use 2015 harvest Chinook and Citra only days after we first took stock of them.

DIPA v2 has now sold out to the trade, and with the volume of pre-release orders totalling nearly double what we actually had available to sell we've left many of our customers taking much less than they'd hoped.  We’ve got a very small number of kegs on hold for our brewery tap (and hopefully an event or two), and a small number of cases to sell at the brewery and online through Eebria too (which we'll list online as soon as we can, but likely not until Monday at this stage). 

One birthday beer isn't enough so we’ve also made another Imperial Stout.  This gyle is in a different class to the two previous batches we’ve made.  It’s rich, luscious, with notes of berries, hops, chocolate, liquorice, and coffee.  I’m sad to say that due to a machine breakage at our label manufacturer we’ve not been able to get the Imperial Stout out to many places in time for you to all black and tan them together, but if you end up with a bottle then cut it 50/50, 60/40 or even 70/30 with DIPA v2 for an utterly delicious drink.

I hope to get a DIPA v2 stockist list together below as soon as possible, but with 1/3 of our team off sick this week we’re really up against it.  Sorry to keep you waiting folks! 

We’ll be at the brewery on Sunday to celebrate our birthday, so whether you manage to get a bottle or a growler in advance please save it till Sunday and tag us with #DIPAv2.

I hope that all of you that want to try it get to.  We’re pretty happy with it, but if for some terrible reason you miss out please don’t despair, version 3 is already on our production schedule!

Paul, 13:05 12/02/16

Paul Jones