Bergamot Hopfen Weisse

Today we're bottling and kegging a beer we've been very keen to remake.  Our first bergamot hopfen weisse was one of our best received beers in our initial Spring 2015 range.  Floral, pungent, and hoppy it was easy to drink, and seemingly quite unlike anything expected from a hopfen weisse style of beer.

This year's version has changed a little.  We're still using the same yeast (WB06), but last year's Perle (bittering), Citra, and Galaxy, are now Pilgrim Alpha CO2 Extract (bittering), Citra, and Mosaic.  We think the most important change is one we've made to the fruit addition.  Last year we got hold of a very small quantity of fresh bergamot lemons, and found the flavour nowhere near impactful enough, so we topped up the bergamot addition with some bergamot oil.  We had a great tasting beer, that we really loved drinking, but this year (actually, as of May last year) we decided we're not into using anything but whole fruits.  Yes, there are extracts a plenty out there, but when it comes to featuring fresh seasonal ingredients, only fresh seasonal ingredients will do!

We're really happy to say that this year's batch is made with 150kg of bergamot lemon zest at the end of fermentation, followed by the juice from the lemons towards the end of conditioning.  The result is far more what we were after last year, a fruity, fresh, bright tasting, hoppy beer that we think is extremely delicious and very moreish!

We're expecting this Small Batch to move quickly, so don't hang about if you'd like to try it at it's best, or catch it at all.  We're working on following this release with another seasonal fruit beer as soon as we can make space in our production plan.

I hope you enjoy it!


Paul Jones