British Hopped Lagers

It strikes me that for all of you that don't see our four Spring Summer lagers in bottle would be missing something quite interesting that the bottle labels convey.

We've made four lagers to start this range off, each featuring a different British aroma hop.  Lager is a great beer style to showcase the subtleties of British hops without pitting them against their muscle chums from the US such as Citra, Simcoe, and Centennial, that show exceptionally well in pale ales, and IPAs.  

Each lager is made with w34/70, a yeast originating from Weihenstephan – its aroma and flavour is found in every one of our lagers through spicy, bready, frankincense-esque esters.  What may be less obvious than the changing feature hops and consistent yeast, is that we've used malt from three different sources across the four lagers.

Epic and Eureka was made with Crisp's Europils malt, Keyworth's Early was made with Weyermann's Pilsner malt, and Keyworth's Mid was made with Simpson's Pilsener malt.  Take time to examine the initial and after tastes to see which malt you prefer, we'd love to hear your feedback.

Presenting different aroma hops is exciting, but presenting different malts side by side is something we really geek out about!

Paul Jones