Barrel Store Tap Room

Starting from this weekend we are moving our brewery tap to our Barrel Store, Unit 13, Sheffield St. Over the past couple of months we've enjoyed having so many people stop by the brewery, but behind the scenes we've faced mounting pressures as we struggle to scale our production up to get anywhere close to meeting domestic demand.

Until now we devote most of each Friday at the brewery to a much needed weekly deeper clean, and as we have to set up our tap each weekend, we avoid brewing or packaging as much as we can. We have also completely avoided brewing or packaging over the weekend, to preserve a quality of environment for our tap visitors. As we look at how we get ourselves beyond our current production routine we need to keep as many options open as we can, so we've taken the decision (helped in part by rather dull planning and licensing limitations) to move our tap operation to our Barrel Store.

The benefits of the move for our tap visitors are as follows:
• 10 taps of beer rather than 5.
• Potential for street food trader pop ups at meal times.
• Even closer proximity to Piccadilly Train Station, other Piccadilly events, and our wonderful neighbours at Pollen Bakery.
• A considerably less chilly space to hang out (we're going to utilise some halogen heaters that we hope will take the edge off an already milder temperature than we get in our brewery warehouse).

We hope you'll enjoy being surrounded by our growing barrel population, in a warmer, and cosier space, and thank you for your understanding as we scale our production up in the brewery.

In order to offer you the best service we can we ask that you please:
• Refrain from bringing minors (under 18s) or pets to the Barrel Store.
• Accept our apologies if we turn you away should we reach capacity - we are going to run on a walk in basis, but once all our seats are taken we'll be unable to accommodate extra visitors at that time.
• Understand that we have to refuse entry and/or service to anyone we suspect is intoxicated.
• Consider our neighbours (across the road, and in adjoining units) and leave quietly.
• Use public transport to get to us (though there is occasionally parking on the tarmac strip outside Unit 13, and a car park over the road).

F: 4-9pm
S: 12-8pm
S: 12-5pm

Do you still do brewery tours?
Yes we do! Please head to the brewery for 10:45am on Saturdays for a tour, introduction to our production process, and tastings. If you are part of a group please email us to check we can accommodate you.

Can I buy take out beer and merchandise from The Barrel Store?
Most certainly! We're keeping a stock of ambient temperature 750ml bottles, and chilled 440ml cans for your take out pleasure. Growler fills and our merchandise will also be available too. If we're full you'll still be able to pop in to buy take out beer.

Can I book The Barrel Store for functions/events?
Let's take this straight to email please! We'd love to hear about your event, and look at what we can do to accommodate it.

Please raise any questions you have via social media - we'll add any frequently asked questions to the points above.

Paul Jones