This Is V End

When we started making double IPAs we set out to experiment, and to share our journey of experimentation with you all by making the changes between each iteration as clear as we could (by ingredient listings and descriptions on our bottles, and now cans, and by answering every question we could on social media too).

Nearly 18 months since our first release of a style we’ve both grown to love, and become well known for, we’re ready for a change.

If you’ve been following closely you’ll have seen us move from event scheduled brewing (v1 for the anniversary of moving into our warehouse, v2 for our 1st Birthday, v3 for BrewDog’s AGM, v4/5 to experiment with addition timings in order to make v6/7 for Modern Time’s Festival of Dankness, etc), to monthly brewing, to recently doubling our monthly production to try to reach all the people out there keen to enjoy our boldest, hoppiest beers. We’ve featured different hop varieties, different techniques, and largely the same family of yeast.

At the start of the year it seemed plausible to imagine us making a lot of DIPA, monthly at least, with a few specials thrown in too, and also to imagine we’d do that by continuing our v series. But we’ve found a new way forward, and whilst we’re not entirely sure how we’ll end up working our production plan to fit it all in, we’re excited to announce that v13 is the last in the series.

We’re going to move forward with three distinct styles of stronger IPA, all featuring a rotating range of new season hops at their best, and the low bitterness presentation we’ve come to love.


Whether by combining our beloved WLP4000 with yeast from our friends at JW Lees, or by featuring the deliciously fruity flavours from JW Lees yeast on its own, we’re excited to focus on a style of DIPA with one foot in the distant past of Manchester’s brewing history, and another firmly in the present. We’ll rotate NW DIPA into our production plan as much as we can, as a representation of a modern DIPA with a distinctly local twist.


We love WLP4000 and WLP095. They’ve been the foundation (actually, because of how impactful a flavour they impart, they’ve been the majority) of the flavour of our DIPAs. But such a bold characterful yeast sometimes gets in the way of the body, mouthfeel, and intense flavour we love from dry hopping our beers. Our IIPA will be brewed with WLP001, a clean, low ester producing yeast to showcase hops front and centre.


We’re far from done with our love affair with New England style DIPAs. So from time to time we’ll rotate into our production plan the softest, juiciest DIPAs we can make featuring complex malt bills (designed for maximum mouthfeel), WLP4000 or 095 with all their stone fruit flavours, and the freshest new season hops too.

Production Volume

We're planning on continuing as we have so far, brewing both according to demand, and also with the explicit intention to see our double IPAs drank as fresh as possible. They aren't beers for keeping, especially if they aren't kept below 5°C at all times (and even when they are stored perfectly, at a constant and stable low temperature, they still age rather rapidly). As a result we'll try to brew just enough to keep the UK in supply for a month at a time.

I'd like to close up by saying thank you so much for joining us on our journey as we trialled ingredients, process techniques, and more. It's been a thrill to feel as much anticipation from you all as we have so far, knowing all the while our straight forward approach has helped at least some of you learn what it is you like the most from hoppy beers.

Whilst this is the end of an era, there is no end in sight for our focus on quality and hop forward flavour impact - there's still a long road in front of us.

Have a great weekend folks!


Paul Jones