Starting Cloudwater meant not just constructing a brewery, but building a team, and I'm very proud of the intelligent, passionate, committed people I work with day after day. We pursue shared goals to make our beer as good as we can, and then we all push even harder to make it better.

To celebrate International Womens Day, and our participation in IWCBD I'd like to turn this post over to some quotes from some of the fine, high achieving individuals at Cloudwater that bring every ounce of their drive and ambition to their work.  

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Emma Cole - Accounts & HR
"It has always been important to me to work with a product I love. I am a terrible liar so have to genuinely believe in what I am doing! I have had a wide range of roles in beer over the years but what remains consistent is that I get great pleasure out of the community and the lifestyle as a whole."

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Lucy Clarke - Deliveries, Logistics, and Sales
"I have never worked in an industry that is so exciting, full of amazing, weird and wonderful people and so many surprises. Joining Cloudwater and being part of the rapid development of the business has allowed me to push the boundaries of my knowledge and experience, has kept me on my toes and continues to be a total joy. The people are what it's really about for me, their passion, enthusiasm and creativity and how that can be thrown at everything we do. Being female in the primary role I am in (delivery driver) actually still surprises some folks, which I can honestly say amuses me greatly. But I have so much variation with what I do, events, building bars, helping troubleshoot cellar issues (which I particularly love). And let's not forget, no other industry would allow me to consume this much alcohol and get away with it...."

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Robyn Bell - Cellar Tank Manager (photo credit Duncan Elliot)
"Craft beer is an industry that I initially looked in on from the outside, as a media studies university graduate, and realised that it was the rare kind of industry that would tick all of the boxes that I was looking for in a career. It is people centred with a focus on creativity, authenticity, quality, and skill. It is social, welcoming, and supportive. I was initially nervous about entering the industry as a relatively inexperienced, although keen, young woman but quickly found a brewing family that eagerly encouraged me. The people aspect of any work environment is the single most important thing to me. Within my first year, the first brewery I worked for sponsored me for further studies and sent me on my way to becoming a brewer. I started my brewing journey in Australia and have since worked in Canada before moving to Manchester to work here at Cloudwater. The beer world is a close knit circle, and I have found that the industry hosts a disproportionate amount of absolutely lovely individuals, often equipped with an excellent sense of humour. We work hard and play hard, collectively moving towards our goals to make the best beer possible. I feel proud of my work, proud of my teammates, and proud to be a young woman representing this industry."

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Hannah Murphy - Sales
"I've been in the industry just over a year now, and I've met some of the most lovely, and wonderfully knowledgable women. Beer has such a broad spectrum of disciplines within it, that even I, with quite little experience, can play a vital role in the team. I feel incredibly proud to work at a brewery where women make up half the workforce, and all opinions count. It's also pretty cool for it to be acceptable to drink a beer at any time of the day!"

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Katie Pietsch - QA Manager, and Barrel Program QA Lead
"For me, beer is a somewhat romantic mix of science and art and magic. As a scientist, I approach the beer with a quite a nerdy attitude, trying to understand the processes and reactions on a molecular level, but I think that's nicely balanced by an industry that allows creativity and doesn't have to be academic and serious all the time. At the end of the day we are just making beer. But how amazing to be making and enjoying fantastic beer with the wonderful people of Cloudwater and others across the industry. I feel so so lucky to call this my job."

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Claudia Asch - All round Brewery Assistant 
"I guess beer is in my DNA, when I was at school, I worked in a beer garden in Germany and then experienced some of Boston's craft beer scene. I then got into home brewing via a good friend – and it's been an obsession ever since."



For IWCBD we turned womens historical role in beer on its head. In days gone by women were home brewers, making safe and sterile drinks, in part at least, using cultures that were used for bread making. 

Using some sour dough starter culture from Hannah Calvert's Pollen bakery (that she runs with her partner Chris just a few doors down from our barrel store), we have innoculated a barrel that's been slowly fermenting pale ale wort for a year and a day.

With Thanks

To all my wonderful colleagues, and to all the strong, ambitious, inspiring women in beer all over the world, thanks for all your leadership, hard work, and scene defining contributions. 


Paul Jones