We're finally taking definitive steps to running an online store of our own. Starting today, at 3:15pm, we're launching a new page on our site at to sell our beer direct from our brewery to you, straight from our cold store to your front door.

We've worked with Eebria already since we first sold our beer online, and this change offers you guys a chance to support us that bit more (using rather than buying through Eebria's site itself reduces the fee Eebria charge us by a significant margin).

This extra support from buying at will help us, at least in the short term, to help you all by absorbing the price and duty increases we've faced this past year with a little less stress and strain. The reduced fee will also start to give us some of the extra income we need to make the next phase of our web shop open to international orders, and merchandise too.

You'll notice two variants of three packs on our shop today, with the shipping day in the title of each variant. There's a limit to how much we can pack and ship each day (and still brew, package, and attend to our wholesale and retail customers), so please choose the day that suits you best. If you can wait till Thursday, choose Wednesday's 6 or 12 pack, or mixed 8 pack. If you can't, choose Tuesday's packs (but when they're gone they're gone).

I hope you enjoy NW DIPA Citra as much as we do here at the brewery. It's great to take a step forward from our v series with a new type of DIPA we think has a very bight future, that will hopefully make a space in your fridge or on your night's line up.


Paul Jones