Let There Be Love

We’re really excited to launch a collaboration with our good friends from Dry & Bitter today, under the umbrella of Søren’s Hops Not Hate charity donation and awareness campaign.

Following the Hops Not Hate guidelines we’re donating 50% of our net profits to two charities, one local, and one global. For our local cause we’re donating 25% of the net profits from this beer to CRUK Manchester Institute Appeal. For our global cause, we’re donating 25% of the net profits to Oxfam’s Yemen Crisis appeal.

Each business along the chain, from brewery, to importer/exporter, to distributor, to retailer makes their own donations of 50% of their net profits to a local and global cause, so buying a single Hops Not Hate beer could end up benefitting up to 8 causes around the world.

The beer itself is a lightly smoked lager brewed to perfectly compliment hazy summer evenings and lazy summer afternoons – a touch of beech smoke accented with fruity hops for a balance and drinkability that we hope you all really enjoy.  Crack a can open with your next BBQ for what we think is a wonderfully seasonal beer to accompany the most summery of foods. Click here to pick up a 6 pack and have it delivered as fresh as it gets from or cold store straight to your door.

Have a great weekend folks.

I’ll be back on Monday with another update on two very exciting releases we have lined up for next weekend.


Paul Jones