We are delighted to launch two collaboration beers we made in collaboration with The Veil today – 🌮, and 😺.  Both beers are only available in can direct from our online store to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition, direct from our 5ºC cold store, or during our brewery tap hours at our Barrel Store. We will pour a very limited draft run at our Barrel Store this weekend only, and during IMBC too.

Please read this post in full to get the most out of these two beers.

We are on a quest to bring you the best possible hoppy beers, and have worked closely with The Veil to trial a small but significant tweak between 🌮 and 😺. In the interests of fair and unbiased evaluation we will only reveal the tweak after the consume by date of 1st of October 2017. It is important to stress that these beers have been brewed for fresh and immediate consumption only, that they should be kept refrigerated below 5ºC at all times until consumption (where a serving temperature of 7-11ºC may be preferable), and drank side by side.

We’d be delighted if you would be so kind as to share your feedback with us via the following form. You may find your best sensory evaluation comes from sampling the beers in a single sitting, passing back and forth between samples in identical glassware in a neutral odour environment, and from taking several long sniffs, and several mouthfuls of the beers to allow for acclimatisation to take place.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you're able to give!

Paul Jones