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*UPDATE* application window closes at 7pm, Wednesday the 31st of January, 2018.

We are growing our team in an effort to meet our customers expectations, and are pleased to announce three new roles here at Cloudwater – two becoming part of our production and packaging teams, and one joining our retail team. Please note that we are not looking to expand our wort production team at this time or in the near future (but if you are currently brewing and fancy a change, by all means apply for any role you feel experienced or qualified enough to do).

Production And Packaging Team Vacancies

The first production team vacancy is for a Junior Packaging Assistant, responsible for assisting on our canning line, with keg packaging, and bottling. The role requires quick, precise and hard work, high diligence, exacting standards for quality, calmness under pressure, relentless attention to detail, and creative solutions for minimising losses and improving processes.

The second production team vacancy is for a Junior Cellar Assistant, responsible for helping the current team with cellar tank, centrifuge, and hop gun processes, and with all cleaning, soil removal, and sanitisation duties. The role requires immaculate attention to detail, quick learning and adherence to procedures and standards, along with flexibility and creativity to help improve every aspect of the role.

For both production positions we are looking for someone who is passionately committed to excelling at their responsibilities in these roles.

If you are deeply committed to sterile working practices and tidy work spaces, are strong and physically fit, work excellently on your own and as part of a team, and thrive on focusing attention on and gaining efficiencies in repetitive tasks, and have impeccable personal presentation standards please email with your CV, titled 'Packaging Assistant’ or ‘Cellar Tank Assistant’. We are looking to fill these vacancies immediately, and will reward your efforts with a competitive salary in return for an average of 40 hours work a week.

Retail Team Vacancy

Our third vacancy at this time is a mixed role focused on taking our conversations deeper on social media, revealing more of the behind the scenes work here at the brewery, and taking a lead role in representing the brewery at festivals, events, and other public tastings. 

This role requires a deep commitment to nurturing and then developing our current voice and tone across our social media channels with an excellent grasp of the English language, an eye for detail coupled with mastery of the use of digital cameras, an in depth knowledge of beer production, experience in social media and proofreading, and an eye for diligent analysis of event budgets and costs.

This role will require a close working relationship with the rest of the team, and flawless customer service skills. We would prefer applications from successful, experienced individuals with previous experience both in the role as described, and within the modern beer industry.

If you think you have what it takes to progress our efforts across our social media channels, and face to face with our wholesale customers and drinkers, please email with your CV, titled ‘Community Engagement Lead’.  We are looking to fill this vacancy immediately, and will reward your efforts with a competitive, experience based salary, in return for an average of 40 hours work a week.

Paul Jones