For You, For All Of Us

I am delighted to be here in Miami, brewing two collaboration beers with a friend and his team that make some of the best fruited sours, imperial stouts, and forward thinking beers I’ve had the pleasure of drinking.

This morning I woke up to a call to action online, amplified and bought to wider attention by Melissa Cole, that I respond to with gratitude. I recently stated, clearly, and truthfully, that Cloudwater is a brewery intent on developing, promoting, and supporting ever greater inclusivity from brewhouse to tap room and beyond.

The portrayal of women in beer label artwork, company messages, and public positions, through to private conversations behind closed doors, has long included demeaning, objectifying, and wholly progress defying portraits of women in positions of weakness, sexual objectification, and subservience.

We are a brewery serving an ever developing and diversifying community, both locally and globally, not only through our beer, but through our ideals, and our values. I am delighted to see J. Wakefield Brewing evolve following conversation that cut through to the core of our values today, and distance themselves from beer artwork that fails to wholly represent the care they otherwise live out in their daily work.

I am happy to support their efforts to avoid every future risk of limiting inclusivity in beer for the sake of everyone out there who is yet to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities we hold so dear to our hearts.

Friends, I must stress that there are many good people at heart in the industry to bring on board, that don’t yet know the obstacles or pain they create in your lives. Reach out, advocate change, point towards the future with all your might. We are working to not just stand with you, but forge ahead in your name.


Paul Jones