Dear Bartenders

Whether it’s tonight or next weekend that end’s up gracing your books with the busiest night of the year, all of us at Cloudwater want to thank you for your service.

We believe that beer’s best contribution to the world is in its power as a social lubricant, bringing an ever more diverse group of people together to relax, unwind, and laugh away the stresses and pressures in our lives.

All the efforts our small team goes to in our brewery would fall flat were it not for the lengths thousands of you go to minute after minute. Keeping lines flowing, queues moving, tables cleared, toilets flushing, and the vibe and customer service standard up whilst you’re at your busiest takes a generous and special sort of person.


 Festive season brings many of us great pleasure, and time to socialise with our work teams, friends, and family, but for some of you it’ll bring you not only your longest, busiest shifts, but further demands as unseasoned pub goers queue in lines, potter over their numerous options only once they’re at the bar, and engage in the sort of silliness that leaves you cringing.

As a thanks for your efforts, we invite you to enjoy 20% off at Unit 9, or 73 Enid St during January 2019. Please bring proof of employment (by way of company email, business card, or payslip), and let us look after you for a change.

Seasons greetings, and well wishes from all of us at Cloudwater. 

Festive season can bring the sort banter we see during the heady hights of festival season into otherwise lovely locals.

Paul Jones1 Comment