Festive Barrel Programme Release 2018

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The season is upon us, so we're excited to present to you a new line-up of bottles for your enjoyment over the Christmas and winter period. We believe this festive pack features our strongest, most varied line-up yet, and showcases the full breadth of our barrel programme, from a delicate Grisette to big, rich Imperial Stouts. There's a real mix of everyday drinkers, complex sippers and winter warmers that'll help you cosy-up indoors as the frost sets in.

This limited-run pack is an online store exclusive, and you can pre-order these beers now for shipment on Tuesday, the 18th of December for next-day delivery on Wednesday, the 19th.

We've listened to your feedback and made the move from 750ml to 375ml bottles this year, meaning all these beers can be more easily enjoyed on your own at home. Take a look below for details on all the beers included within the pack.

City Orchard is the first in a new range of farmhouse table beers we're hoping to release over the coming months that have either been barrel-fermented and barrel-aged. This particular beer was fermented in a French red wine barrel using a wild yeast strain cultured from apples found growing close to the brewery. It's designed to be light, delicate and refreshing with a distinct dry cider character.

BA Shell Suit v1 is a barrel-aged version of Wind Suit, the Extra Special Bitter we brewed with our friends Forest & Main, but the resulting beer is virtually unrecognisable from it's previous iteration. This beer was added to a French white wine barrel with Brettanomyces and has emerged a year later as a balanced and nuanced sour. The rich malt profile remains but it's been enhanced by new layers of flavour, including notes of pineapple, marmalade, fruit tea, balsamic vinegar and funk.

To Me and To You are both intended as fun, style-bending experiments that started out with the same base recipe but have resulted in two very different beers. To You is designed to taste like a fruity red wine, with flavours of cherry, redcurrant and dark chocolate leading to a dry, tannic finish. It's based on our previously-released Chocolate Porter, which was blended with Welsh chuckleberries and aged for two years in a second-use Italian red wine foudre. To Me, meanwhile, is a full-flavoured dark sour that packs jammy flavours of redcurrant and blackcurrant and delivers mouth-puckering tartness.

Our collaboration with Against The Grain from Louisville, Kentucky is another beer that might surprise a few folks. Kentucky Common is our take on one of the few truly indigenous North American beer styles and drinks like a good whiskey and coke, but with added complexity. It has a rich, smooth malt base and was lightly soured before spending four months in bourbon barrels, combining flavours of raisin, toffee, and dandelion and burdock with acidity and a a warming bourbon finish.

Next up is our first ever Barley Wine - nope, we can't believe it's taken this long either. But this Bourbon BA Barley Wine is a strange beast, as we took a sweet, English-style recipe before ageing it for 10 months in the same bourbon barrels that housed Black Forest Stout, our collaboration with Lervig. Elements of that previous beer have carried over so you can expect a unique and delicious mix of coconut, cherry, lime and cinnamon with undercurrents of caramel and sultana. This beer was a favourite among drinkers at Dark City in November.

The last two beers in the line-up, Don't Get Rude and That's Not Me, were both birthed from our collaboration with Miami's stout masters J Wakefield that resulted in Pulse 8, a hugely popular Imperial Stout infused with chocolate, coconut and vanilla. But before adding those adjuncts, we siphoned off some of the base beer and aged it for 16 months in different barrels. Don't Get Rude spent its slumber in Speyside whisky barrels, resulting in a beer that's rich with flavours of chocolate and fruitcake before finishing with a kick of single malt. That's Not Me was matured in bourbon barrels, so you'll find notes of vanilla, toasted marshmallow and milk chocolate as well as a slightly savoury flavour akin to caramelised miso.

Once again, these beers are now available for pre-order to be shipped on Tuesday, the 18th of December for next-day delivery on Wednesday, the 19th. Any cans or other items ordered from our online shop along with the Christmas & Winter Barrel Programme Pack will be shipped separately.

There are only 200 packs available.

Doreen Barber