Demanding Times

Back when James and I were a little more free than we are now, and we were talking to old and new friends about what size brewery we were planning, a number of people suggested that 36hl ought to be our starting point.  Oh my!  We couldn't even imagine the day we'd max out even a 24hl plant (the size we have now), let alone something that big.  Besides, we knew it's not really about the brew length, it's about things like cellar tank throughput, the number of conditioning vessels, packaging bottle necks, and the sort of tank occupancy we're happy with.  Our friends at Camden are testament to turning out a heck of a lot of beer from a tiny kit – they brew six times back to back to fill their largest fermentors.  

Today, we find ourselves, just two months into brewing proper, with far, far more demand for our beer than we're currently capable of satisfying.  We're blown away, and extremely grateful for every last bit of interest in our beers and our fledgling company!

Keen to ride the wave as best as we can, today's double brew of a new beer for summer marks a new era for us here at Cloudwater.  We just can't afford to go back to single brew lengths into our bigger FVs anymore.  This is a truly wonderful thing.  Yes, it likely means many, many long days for us as we adjust to a double brew day as standard, but it means we can get our beer to many more of you over the Summer.

We're thrilled to be not just busy, but getting busier by the day.  And we're working really hard on processes on the brew floor that'll see us getting even more of what we want from our beers, and relentlessly raising our standards and eliminating flaws.

Starting a business and risking as much capital as we did is still incredibly stressful.  But seeing demand grow is a truly wonderful thing.  We shift thousands of litres of liquid around our brewhouse each day, filling casks, kegs, and bottles, but it all comes down to a human experience, and what's in someone's glass.  So we raise a glass to all you kind folk for your support so far. Thank you, and cheers!


Paul Jones