Farewell And May The Best Be Yet To Come

I’m writing today with news that our Head Brewer, and one of our co-founders, James Campbell has left Cloudwater to pursue other interests.

We are deeply grateful to James for the help, guidance, devotion, passion, and effort he put into helping get Cloudwater off the ground, and helping get us to where we are today.

Our team today is stronger than it has ever been, and is educated, experienced, and multi-disciplined. James’s training, development interest, and past experiences were essential in founding the brewery, and schooling our starting staff in brewing, QC, QA, and packaging.

We’re excited to see what James turns his hands to next. With his enthusiasm for beer, past experiences, and time with us at Cloudwater, we are confident his best days in this industry may well be ahead.

With our thanks from all of us for his efforts and contributions, I’ll turn you over to James now.

“So, the time has come to move on to pastures new.

Cloudwater has been a blast, from the early days of planning the business, through our installation, our first brews, and growth to where we are today, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

The people involved have been excellent. Watching people evolve from beginners to adept and confident professionals has been a joy.

The seasoned colleagues have been an education.

Everyone I’ve worked with has brought something new to the party.

The sheer number of collaborations has brought me into contact with an enviable range of experience, that one can but learn from.

Our customers, the most important part of any business, have been wonderfully engaged with our beers. The greatest reward has been to see our customers enjoying the fruits of our labours, and to engage with them personally. The evolving tastes of the consumer have made the last 5 years the most exciting time to be a brewer in my lifetime.

Trying to evolve the beer, with the public palate, whilst seeking constant improvement has been a great challenge and a huge pleasure.

Over recent months, however, I’ve been missing the freedom of self employment.

The time is now right for me to move on to seek greater autonomy, with a return to consulting, and raising capital for my own brewery.”

Though it is unfortunately not always the norm, I wanted to share this news with you, along with our public thanks to James, rather than have him leave us quietly as though circumstances and paths aren’t subject to change. And though it is also not the norm to run a brewery without a head brewer, our team has never been as capable. Our collective dreams and ideals for our future, our ever deepening enthusiasm, and the infectious energy our team has to continue evolving not just our brewery, but the UK’s brewing industry and beer community too, leaves us feeling not only strong, but steady, and ready to brew our best beers to date.

I am excited about our future, borne out of having enjoyed one of the most meteoric rises outside the USA, and am doubly excited that our team is just as positive too. For now we are going to focus on our next seasonal range, and take some weeks to reflect to assess our needs going forward.

Paul, and the team at Cloudwater.

Paul Jones