Job Vacancy: Packaging Assistant

Founded in 2014, Cloudwater Brew Co brewed our first beer on February 14 2015 in our Manchester brewery. We brew modern takes on classic beer styles alongside paying our respects to heritage recipes and the beers that inspired us on our journey. We are devoted to creating bold, precise flavours with drinkability, quality, and focused consistency, one beer to the next.

We are independently owned and directed by our co-founder Paul Jones, and committed to running an ethically conscious, human-centred business, with values that we hope to being central to the health and well-being of our team and our business success. As we have grown, we have developed an incredibly talented and mixed team on the values of inclusivity, innovation and the meaningful development and welfare of our staff. All job vacancies at Cloudwater are open to everyone of all genders, all love-centred beliefs, and any backgrounds.

We are looking for a Packaging Assistant to add to our team in our Manchester brewery to replace a trained and experienced team member (who is sadly due to return to South Korea). We are likely to prefer candidates with relevant, or prior experience of packaging beer, canning lines, and beer packaging quality concerns. However, in line with our company goal to improve opportunities for underrepresented peoples within the beer industry, we will welcome applications that allow us to pursue this goal (and undertake relevant training necessary to develop your expertise, and bring you up to speed).

You will be responsible for the setting up, maintenance, assistance and will help run all parts of our canning line, along with keg preparation and filling, cask washing and racking, bottling and kegging of barrel aged beers and performing QA checks and tank preparation for packaged beers.

The role requires quick and precise work, high diligence and exacting standards for quality, with relentless attention to detail. A sense of calmness under pressure, emulating NASA Research Mathematician Katherine Johnson, is much desired, as is the ability to provide creative solutions to problems, like Dr. Katie Bouman. A sheer love of maintaining a meticulous workspace, and productive problem-solving for minimising losses and improving processes is a strong plus.

You will assist in the Quality Assurance analysis before all packaging runs and ensure the immaculate presentation of all packaged products and accurate recording of packing data.

If you are deeply committed to sterile working practices and tidy work spaces, are happy to work on your feet, work excellently on your own and as part of a team, thrive on focusing attention on and gaining efficiencies in repetitive tasks, and have impeccable personal presentation standards, please fill out this form and have your CV ready to upload. We will reward your efforts with a salary starting at £22,500 per annum in return for an average of 40 hours work a week.

We are accepting applications from now until 9am on the 20th of May. We look forward to hearing from you!

Doreen Barber