Cold Stored, Now Cold Chain

Since our very start in 2016, we have committed to keeping our kegs and cans fresh in cold storage below 5ºC until they go out the door. Having a cold store, particularly one kept at chilled temperatures, is something surprisingly too few breweries invest in even now. For us, cold storage is incredibly important, as storing packaged keg and canned beer at ambient temperatures, particularly in many of the styles we work with, guarantees hop flavour degradation manifesting in flavours we don’t intend to ever be in our beer, even if the beer is stored at room temperature for a short amount of time.

We are thrilled to go a step further in joining up our cold storage of beer with full cold chain distribution to Jolly Good Beer, full cold chain to 73 Enid Street, and to other distribution customers that are slowly turning their businesses towards cold storage. 

What does this mean? For our customers who visit 73 Enid Street, it means our beer that you drink from the bar or that you buy in can for take-away has been kept completely chilled from packaging tank to brewery cold store warehouse, then to our London tap room’s direct draw cold store via the Hedges Distribution lorry keeping the beer at 4ºC at all times. This full cold chain to 73 Enid Street guarantees you the best possible experience of our beer and now replicates the same quality of experience that has been the norm in Unit 9 from day one.

Furthermore, if you are a trade customer who buys beer from the team at Jolly Good Beer, the beer has been kept chilled every step of the way to you via their 4ºC chilled warehouse and their refrigerated Iveco van, also keeping the temperature at 4ºC. And if you are additionally keeping your keg and can stock refrigerated—not just what’s on display, but your back stock as well—you are then continuing this cold chain system of our beer to your customers. We’d like to thank all of you investing in the best storage and retail of our beer for making a significant difference to beer quality in the UK.

Jolly Good Beer’s unwavering championing of cold storage from their very beginning, along with their expertise in direct draw dispense, is something we have incredibly admired, which is why we commissioned Jolly Good Beer to do the installation of our direct draw systems in both of our tap rooms and we used their “Eskie Bar,” their incredible mobile cold store direct draw system, at Indy Man Beer Con last year. 

It was time we continued steps towards getting our beer in the best condition possible for our customers that are set up to continue cold chain right to our drinkers, and we are excited to be working with Hedges Distribution as a vital step towards full cold chain becoming the default here in the UK.

Doreen Barber