Going Along As We Make It Up - Port and Marsala BA Plum Wild Ale - 6.6%


This jammy delight results from a special collaboration with our friends at Beak Brewery. We started by co-fermenting 500kg of fresh plums with our wild ale, infusing the brew with the fruit's natural sweetness and vibrant flavor. The ale was then aged in Marsala and Port barrels, adding layers of complexity and richness.

The nose is greeted with a blend of sticky sweet plum, light oak, and subtle tannins.

On the palate, expect a harmonious marriage of fruit and barrel influences, featuring notes of sweet plum, hints of fortified wine, and a gentle oak presence that adds depth and character.

This wild ale is a testament to patience and craftsmanship, made with time and love at Cloudwater Brewery. The ageing process not only enhances the fruity essence but also introduces sophisticated elements from the Marsala and Port barrels, making each sip a delightful experience.

6.6% ABV, 375ml Bottle

Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Oats

Vegan friendly