Value Pack or Single Can

Root Ginger Beer - 0%


We enjoy collaborating with local producers in our hometown of Manchester who share our values of passion for tradition, taste, and community. So we were thrilled with the opportunity to work with the passionate team behind Root2Ginger.

Founded by Deanne Blake, Root2Ginger boasts a family legacy rooted in the Caribbean! Generations of her family have passed down recipes, which Deanne has perfected through trial and error, passion, and instinct. The heart of Root2Ginger’s offerings lies in their drinks, crafted with care and authenticity. We combined their incredible freshly squeezed root ginger juice with our unique recipe to create our fiery, cloudy, and refreshing ginger beer.

0.0% ABV, 440ml Can

Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Oats

Vegan friendly

Canned On: 16.11.23