Cloudwater Brew Co.
7—8 Piccadilly Trading Estate,
Manchester, M1 2NP

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Phone enquiries 9am—5pm:
+44 161 6615943


Our modern production brewery starts with our 24hL Premier Stainless Systems three-vessel brewhouse, complete with steam-jacketed mash tun, lauter tun, and kettle whirlpool. Our 840hL cellar contains 18 fermentation vessels complete with a 12hL pair, 4 x 24hL, 6 x 48hL, and 6 x 72hL, as well as three brite beer tanks.

We centrifuge and package our beer in house, running both spoilage organism and fermentation health lab work in house too. Canning takes place using our ABE LinCan 60 canning line, before both kegs and cans enter our sub 5ºC cold store prior to shipping or direct delivery to our customers.

Our seven-person strong production team works with over 35 years industry experience between them, and utilises education and training in mechanical engineering, genetics, project management, chemistry, computer science, and IBD qualifications in brewing science.

If you would like to join one of our tours, please click the button below. Our tours are conducted by all members of the production team in rotation, each offering their unique perspective on our brewery and our production process.

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