Sonnen Hill - Lightly - Oak Aged Blended Saison


Lightly is a wine beer made by blending oak-aged saison with oak-fermented Chardonnay. The base saisons were made with Ontario grain and aged in both American and French oak, and the Niagara Chardonnay was spontaneously fermented in a French oak barrel.

Aromas of custard and baked apple with lots of oak spice. Warming and rich with just enough acidity to cut through some of the big stuff. There are flavours of ripe pear, apple and some delicate tropical fruit. This wine beer drinks really nice chilled but opens up even more as it gets closer to room temperature. It’s a super cool one!

7.5% ABV, 750ml Bottle

Allergens - Gluten, Wheat, Barley

Vegan friendly