The Cloudwater logo should be seen in white or black.

We have an alternative logo with our name which can be used when enough space is available.

When space is limited, or the logo needs to be used small, we have a bold logomark in a disc. A wordmark is also avalible for these small spaces.


We use the google font Raleway in different weights, but as a rule of thumb, titles should be set in capitals and Extra Bold (+40 tracking), with copy set to Medium. Raleway is licensed under the Open Font License and avalible to download below.

Season Artists

As our beer changed with the seasons, so did our artwork. Since launching, every six months, we bought art or commission an artist to produce a series of pieces, which are showcased across that season range. Those sat alongside our Textbook in-house collaboration labels to give our beers an ever fresh, new look.

As the brewery evolved we have moved to graphic and photographic pieces.

You can see previous artists below.

Previous Season Artists

Autumn • Winter 2018—2019
Spring • Summer 2018
Autumn • Winter 2017—2018
Spring • Summer 2017
Autumn • Winter 2016—2017
Spring • Summer 2016
Winter 2015
Autumn 2015
Summer 2015
Spring 2015


In 2017 we introduced the Dry Hop symbol as a way to help our customers immediately recognise the hoppiness of a beer. We had hoped that it would be helpful, become industry recognised and a norm to use this scale. In 2021 we decided to phase this symbol out of our branding. Whilst not widespread, our Dry Hop symbol is still in use by some breweries.

1 = 1—9 g/L
2 = 10—14 g/L
3 = 15—19 g/L
4 = 20—24 g/L
5 = 25+ g/L