Cloudwater x Balance

Nov 22, 2023

We’ve got some awesome news brewing - we recently had the opportunity to team up with our neighbours and good friends at Balance Brewing & Blending to work together on a new barrel-aged collaboration!

Founded in 2021 by Will Harris and James Horrocks, Balance is the go-to spot for mixed culture, barrel-fermented beers in Manchester. These guys don't rush – their beers spend at least 6 months, often more, in oak wine barrels before getting a kick of life with dry hops, fruits, and foraged goodies, all sourced from the UK.

The decision to collaborate with Balance felt like a natural fit, given their unparalleled expertise in barrel fermentation, our mutual zeal for pushing the boundaries of beer craftsmanship, and the sheer delight of being able to join forces within the familiar confines of our hometown.

We worked together to hash out the perfect blend and hop combo, creating a blend between a 5-year barrel-aged wild ale and a sprightly 1.5-year-old foudre ale. We amped this up by dry-hopping with 20g/L of Belma and Ernest hops. As we all know, good things take time, and this collaborative creation is no exception - so as we eagerly await the release, we raise our glasses to the art of collaboration and the shared love, dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every barrel-aged gem.

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