International Women's Day 2023 - Rain On Me FC

Mar 01, 2023

Rain On Me FC are a Manchester based grassroots football team, who foster inclusivity by providing a space for all women and non-binary people to come together over a shared love of football.

Can you tell us about why Rain On Me FC started?

Whilst some of us had never heard of the phrase “on your ed”, others have experienced the soggy stench of a sweaty shin pad many times before. Rain On Me FC was formed out of a desire (and need) to be around like minded people once again after lockdown 1.0.

Inspiration for this team was drawn from the mighty Hounslow Harriers themselves; word got out about ROMFC after our first session, the Whatsapp group grew, and the rest is history.

What’s your biggest achievement with ROMFC?

Since our first session in the torrential rain in October 2020, it’s fair to say we have achieved a hell of a lot as a team. Whether it’s raising money for local and national causes, taking part in tournaments, and running them ourselves, or putting on a blinder of a party - this team is lucky to not only be made up of such lovely people, but such talented ones, too.

Our devoted committee work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the club is run to an exceptional standard. From making sure we have pitches booked for training, approachable people to talk to, or keeping our kits, identity, club representation, and ethos in the spotlight - they are the unsung heroes that make this team what it is!

What advice would you give to women looking to join a club?

Joining any group situation as an adult can sometimes be clouded with a sense of anxiety, whether you identify as a woman, non-binary or trans person. If you are particularly nervous or unsure, our advice would be to do some research on the club first, see if their values align with yours and whether they provide any FAQs about their specific policies. The most important thing is to put yourself out there, have a go and see if it’s the right environment for you. Luckily, grassroots footy is really kicking off recently, so there is an abundance of teams to get involved in.

In your experience, is there anything that you think fans could do to be more supportive of women & non-binary people in football?

Yes - be more inclusive. If the team states they are for women, non-binary and trans people then they are for women, non-binary and trans people. Our team recently ran a boycotting campaign for the World Cup in Qatar. It wasn’t a decision that came lightly, but after several committee meetings we decided it best to not be a part of something that directly affects us as women, and as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Lastly, as a fan, educate yourself on the struggles around the world facing women, non-binary and trans people in - not only football - but sport as a whole. Our Instagram is full of information and resources.

Can you tell us about any strong role models that have inspired you? 

MEAD! RUSSO! WILLIAMSON! TOONEY! EARPS! KELLY! Ok, these are all our Lioness favourites from the recent Euros victory, sure, but what a tournament that was. And, what a time for Rain On Me. As a team, we can honestly say, Sarina Wiegman has been a huge inspiration for us - so calm, so cool, so god damn collected. #WiegmanYoureTheOne #FootballsComingHomeAgain

Why do you think there are fewer women playing football than men? What steps do you think will help to shift this balance?

Sadly, we grew up in an imbalanced environment that has favoured the men’s game over the women's games for decades. However, the shift is definitely happening. With the success of the Lionesses at the Euros in 2022, it’s plain to see the amount of young people interested in playing and the fanbase that it brought. England was a different place in June 22’, and since lockdown, we have seen so many teams emerge. The growth of grassroots football continues everyday.

Anything you would like to use this space to highlight?

Throughout the endless games of one bounce, pints, high-fives and head bumps, Rain On Me FC are doing so much more than enjoying the beautiful game. If you’re new to football, have experience in net (trust us, we need more goalies), or just fancy a kick-about and a jolly good time on a Sunday morning, then get in touch at

@rainonme_fc on Instagram. One of our devoted huns will do our best to reply within 3 to 5 business days.
Words by Amy Linsdell (I.E Cardio Powerhouse, Social Media Manager, Bald Amy).

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