International Women's Day 2023 - Reform Radio

Mar 01, 2023

Reform Radio is an online radio station and arts organisation focusing on engaging young people seeking new opportunities. Their commitment to inclusivity and diversity is reflected in everything they do, from their workshops to their radio shows, and they are proud to support women and non-binary people in all aspects of their work.


Can you tell us about your journey to your role? Did your education set you in this direction or did you have a less conventional path to where you are now?
Right now I work as a Content & Marketing Manager at Reform Radio and I definitely had a less conventional path to this position. In uni I studied International Relations & Politics, but always wanted to have a creative job. So, during uni and afterwards I was always trying to get involved with any creative projects I could lay my hands on. A lot of them I’d instigate myself. By doing this, I learned a lot in the sphere of video production and made great connections in the industry. Then, I got involved with Reform through one of their creative courses, landed myself a freelance videographer position and sometime after was promoted to the position I’m in now. 
If you could redesign your learning and career journey to this point, would you? And if so, what changes would you make?
No, I wouldn’t redesign my career journey, because even though I didn’t have the easiest path to get where I am now, it’s been an invaluable experience and I learned a lot. 
What advice would you give to women looking to move toward a role in your field, particularly those whose education and career thus far has been in a very different field?
Firstly, go for it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It’s a very competitive field, but remember you won’t have any competition if you stay authentic and true to yourself, as there is only one YOU. Learn how to say no and be assertive, that will help you to have healthy boundaries. On a practical side of things, try to create some pieces of content with any means you have available, so you always have something to back up your aspirations. If you don’t have access to any tools that can help you to create, get in touch with people who might do and ask if you can learn from them. 

In your experience, is there anything that you think businesses could do to be more supportive of women in the workplace? Or is there anything that you think is really positive in your workplace?
I think it’s important to have women in leadership roles, as that helps with representation and allows other women to see themselves succeeding in the industry. At Reform we have 3 directors, 2 of which are women, which is really inspirational. And as an organisation we strive to be inclusive and representative of communities we work with.

Can you tell us about any strong female role models that have inspired you in your career? These might be friends, family members, or women who have blazed the trail before you.
I think my biggest inspiration is my mom, who raised me on her own whilst having 2 or 3 jobs at the same time. She never stopped moving forwards however tough the situation might have been. 

What do you do outside of work?
I’m an artist, DJ and music producer. 
Why do you think there are fewer women in your industry than men? What steps do you think will help to shift this balance?
Well, the list can be pretty long… but here are some highlights: lack of representation, gender stereotypes, unconscious bias etc. Like I mentioned above, I think it’s important that there is a strong representation of women in leadership positions. As well as that, what would be helpful is flexible working arrangements, as the industry can often be demanding and require long hours, which can make it difficult for women with caregiving responsibilities to succeed. It would also be nice to see more mentorship programmes, and inclusivity and diversity training for all employees. 

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