International Women's Day 2023 - SHE Choir Manchester

Mar 01, 2023

SHE Choir Manchester welcomes all women and non-binary adults to their unauditioned, free community choir. They are always open to new members - if you can sing in the shower, you can sing in the choir!

Founded in Manchester by Susie, Hannah and Ellie (S.H.E) in 2010 they have evolved over the years and strive to be an inclusive space.

How long have you been a member of SHE Choir? What made you want to join?

I’ve been in SHE Choir for a year and a bit. From the age of 7 to around 17, I had piano and singing lessons with an extremely talented and determined musician, Karen. I will never forget how Karen helped me to build my confidence (both musically and personally), taught me the skills I needed to succeed musically, and gave me some fantastic opportunities to perform in front of an audience. After a few years’ break from practising music regularly, I joined SHE Choir to reconnect with my musical side, and it’s been great! – Kate

What is it about SHE Choir that keeps you coming back?

Honestly, singing as a group gives me such a high, I often come back from rehearsals really buzzing. Joining off the back of Covid, I realised how important community is to my well-being. It just makes me feel great to contribute to something as part of a team, and it's a bonus when we sound nice too! – Georgia

What's been your favourite SHE Choir gig?

One of my favorite gigs was the first time I sang Christmas songs at The Urmston pub. The crowd was really engaged and were having a lot of fun with us and it really got me into the festive spirit! – Marni

What's your favourite aspect of SHE Choir rehearsals?

My favourite aspects of rehearsals are the physical and breathing warmups. Singing is an exercise that involves the whole body so the warmups really get my lungs and limbs ready for a singing session. I find that it’s cathartic to stretch out after a day of sitting and to release any tension by letting out a huge sigh. Like all aspects of SHE Choir, the warmups are volunteer-led and I am looking forward to giving it a shot in upcoming rehearsals. – Tami

What’s a challenge you've faced during a rehearsal or performance? How have you approached it?

Our repertoire is huge and there are still songs I've not learned. But it's amazing how quickly you can pick things up just by listening to what those around you are singing. – Molly

Which female musician inspires you?

Self Esteem hands down, she is a formidable feminist. I've arranged one of her songs and can't wait to perform it! – Sara

What do you do outside of SHE Choir?

I am the Events Coordinator at the Whitworth Art Gallery! I also like cooking (specifically making up recipes/winging it), and going to stand up shows and music gigs! – Hannah

We're throwing a party to launch our International Women’s Day beer and to celebrate IWD on the 8th of March 2023!

There will be an open rehearsal from SHE Choir Manchester, from 18:00, followed by a performance at 18:45. She Choir welcomes all women and non-binary adults to their unauditioned, free community choir.

Followed by a Reform Radio back to back curated line-up of women and non-binary DJs until late. Reform Radio broadcast the best in music, arts and culture from Manchester to the world via their online radio station and arts organisation. They are working with local creatives, DJs and young people to develop and showcase new work with a main focus on using their platform to engage women and non-binary people looking for new opportunities, working creatively with them over a sustained period to develop new skills for employment.

Tickets are free, open to all

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