Winter Concept Shop at Unit 9

Dec 19, 2023

At Cloudwater, we believe in the power of collaboration and the exceptional talent that comes with it. That's why we are proud to present a pop-up winter shop that showcases our long-standing partnerships with local artists and small businesses. Our flagship taproom has always been a haven for visionary craftsmen, designers, artists, and makers, who bring their boundless creativity to our space. We invite you to join us in supporting these talented individuals by shopping at our winter shop until the end of December, where every purchase directly benefits the makers. By choosing to shop small and local, you can help us create a brighter future for our community and beyond.




Robert Parkinson - Photographer

Roberts work revolves around people – where they live, how they respond to their surroundings, and what makes a community.

Kat Wood - Multidisciplinary Artist

Kat is a multidisciplinary artist with the narrative of her work often focusing on the political history of the rural, through skill-sharing workshops, photography and publications.

Frida Cooper - Ceramic Artist

Frida is a ceramicist working from a small studio in Manchester, UK producing handmade and thrown stoneware pots. Frida has always had a fascination with design, functional objects and how items fit into people’s everyday lives. She strive to make minimal, functional, utilitarian pieces that can be appreciated and used every day, making pots intended for the dinner table to be enjoyed by those with a love for eating, drinking, enjoying good company and bringing people together. Frida uses natural glazes with simple forms, often allowing the bare clay to be exposed to show its simple beautiful and raw material.

Textbook Studio - Graphic Design Studio

Textbook Studio focus on on image-making, visual identity and publication design - they are the design studio behind Cloudwater himHallow’s art practice is focused on recreating patterns of infrastructure and scenes from the world around us. They are part of The Engine House, a studio collective in Islington Mill.


Holly Eliza Temple - Graphic Designer

Holly s a graphic designer based at The Engine House in Islington Mill. With a special interest in the intersection of experience and printed matter, Holly has a focus on making work about food, community and environments.


Taxi Cab Industries - Graphic Design & Art Studio

Run by Amrit Singh Randhawa, his is practice is informed by the social, political, and economic conditions of society. This is explored through painting, photography, illustration, printmaking, collage, and graphic design. Taxi Cab focuses on self-initiated projects, usually resulting in exhibitions + publications.


WAWWA - Clothing Brand

WAWWA are a sustainable clothing brand making organic, fairtrade, vegan planet friendly clothing with a positive social impact.


Queer Brewing - Craft Brewery

Queer Brewing is a queer- and trans-owned brewery whose aim is to increase visibility and representation for LGBTQ+ people through beer.


Matthew Curtis - Author

Based in Manchester, England, Matthew Curtis writes about food and drink, specialising in beer, brewing, pubs and hospitality.


Gosnells Of London - Drinks Producer

Gosnell's has a mission to create delicious, 100% natural and eco-friendly drinks that everyone can enjoy. They prioritize environmental sustainability in their production process and are committed to being transparent and truthful in their operations. All of their drinks are made from honey, and they take measures to protect the pollinators that produce it. Pollinators play a critical role in our ecosystem, food supply and the planet's biodiversity. Gosnell's is dedicated to stopping the harmful impact of industrial farming on these essential species, especially bees, and instead, fostering the development of better habitats for our pollinator friends.


Dr Me - Design Stuido

Dr Me are a daring and disruptive design studio, pushing creative boundaries with their fearless approach to visual communication

Proper DIPA

Our 8th DIPA in our  Proper DIPA series is out this week, called Proper DIPA NZ edition, a perfect example of the beautiful things that happen when modern meets tradition.We've infused Southern Cross and NZ Cascade to accentuate the JW Lees yeast strain.This DIPA excels in both body and hop intensity, delivering a hearty hop medley characterised by quintessential NZ hop aromas of white grape, all culminating in an exceptionally dank finish.Enjoyed in the video by JW Lees brewer Matthew and available in our webshop now. 

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