Equality and Equity at Cloudwater

Our Equality and Equity Policy seeks to uncover, address, and correct systemic, societal, and global friction, bias, and prejudice through hiring, training, and on the job support with an intent to extend extra help and opportunities to those society leaves disadvantaged.

Though equal opportunity is a noble aim, we take into account that the world we live in continues to place obstacles, and emotional and physical violence in the way of women, people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community, and intersectional, non-conformist people everywhere reaching and achieving their full potential. The negative cycles that are daily realities for many, require active correction.

We will seek, from our analysis of job applications, to on the job development, to level the playing field, and provide you with the unique training, support, understanding, and skills necessary for you to succeed.

We recognise that the UK brewing industry currently lacks the diversity we long to see become the norm. Though our job listings often express our desire to hire a candidate with existing industry or role based experiences, the current demographic of the UK brewing industry does not yet reflect that of wider society.

We will actively see your existing experiences, whether based in brewing, or distinctly different roles or applications, as highly transferable skills.

At Cloudwater Brew Co, we believe that your passion and potential are more important than your past achievements. That your love for people is more important than your love of beer.

On the job performance reviews will take into account your unique life experiences, and the unique pressures you face, and seek to foster personal growth within your development in your role. Our culture will be shaped by your needs.

Our Equality and Equity Policy recognises that good intentions are only the first step, and must be met with good outcomes.