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Specialising in modern, seasonal beer.
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Tap Room
9 Piccadilly Trading Estate,
Manchester, M1 2NP

Sunday—Friday 15:00—22:00
Saturday 10:00—22:00

Brewery Shop
Sunday—Friday 12:00—22:00
Saturday 10:00—22:00


Unit 9, our Manchester tap room, is situated next door to the brewery and includes a bar with 20 draft taps to showcase fresh releases and barrel-aged beers. There is also a shop offering cans and bottles to take away direct from a walk-in cold store, as well as the latest brewery merchandise.

Unit 9 has been designed to present our beer at its very best, emphasising the importance of freshness, and to showcase the artwork Cloudwater has commissioned over the years. All 20 draft lines are drawn from a 3ºC cold store situated immediately beneath the tap room mezzanine via air-cooled, insulated ducting, while take-out customers will be able to select beer that has been held below 5ºC since packaging, right from the same walk-in cold store.

Aside from beer, customers will also be able to find local gin, small-batch soft drinks and a small selection of cold snacks.

“Having worked closely with Chris Shearston from Textbook Studio, Joe Hartley and Ben Young from Oh Ok Ltd, our lead carpenter and joiner Rory Thompson, Yvan Seth from Jolly Good Beer, and a host of visionary craftsmen, designers, artists, and makers, we are thrilled to see our tap room vision launch with such a vibrant, spacious, creative energy, backed up by the highest-quality workings behind the taps.” - Paul Jones

Unit 9 welcomes children along with their parents until 8pm. Due to Unit 9 also being a barrel-ageing and production facility, we unfortunately cannot accommodate dogs at this time.



£3.50 each • All beers available in thirds