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Cloudwater Beer Club ... [Fridge Fillers]


When you reach into the fridge for that perfect thirst-quencher, make sure you never come away empty-handed.

Whether unwinding after work or chilling with friends, these are the beers you need. Easy-drinking, everyday staples that you can rely on to provide refreshment time and time again.

We’ll ensure your fridge stays stocked with a selection of sessionable classics across a range of styles.

  • * Monthly rolling subscription.

  •  * A selection of 12 x mixed style beer cans.

  • * Low-mid ABV from 2.5%-6.5% ABV.

  • * Cloudwater & Guest beer.

  • * This box might include more than one can of the same beer.

  • * This box will mostly include a selection of our Core Range and low abv cans.

  • * Shipping on every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

  • * Next shipping day is the 17th of April.

  • Orders placed after processing day might roll onto the net month.

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