This Ain’t the Beer That You’re Used To


‘This Ain’t the Beer That You’re Used To’ is an honest, approachable introduction to beer, sharing Dom “Doochie” Cook’s personal journey through beer appreciation and education. It is the perfect book for anyone new to beer, or any enthusiast wanting to dive deeper and rekindle a love for the many classic beers that paved the way for craft beer as it unfolds today. Part memoir, part guide, and part call to action through discovery, this is a book on how to enjoy the full breadth of beer, written in Dom’s straight talking voice. “Good beer for all” is the call, and Dom’s book leads us through styles and suggested beers to try which are relatively in reach.

Profits from the sale of the book will go towards a fund we are developing to further “Good beer for all,” increasing inclusivity furthering diversity in the beer community and industry, which will enrich the experience of every beer drinker. Read more about this here in our blog.